Birth Stories and kind words from clients.

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Thank you Camilla for everything this past year! You reminded me to believe in my body and in my choices when my first care providers did not. You supported me through an impressive skill set in midwife ry backed by evidence and genuine compassion for the well being of my AND of my baby. I work in research for NIH! You supported me through recon option, pregnancy, labor, and the safe delivery of my baby boy at home in the water. All of this from a forty something year old single mother of 1 chubby baby boy and 2 fur babies. Thank you and god bless! - L

Camilla Yrure of Alexandria Midwifery was the back-up midwife present at the birth of our daughter Mya. Camilla was INCREDIBLE to have attend our daughter's birth. We knew she was very warm and loving and we share a passion for the health of women and babies globally, having met her previously, but at our birth she was vigilant, much more "in-charge" when necessary (she did say she rarely has to use those skills), and reliable. She had such a peaceful calm energy even when things got tough. When our daughter had trouble breathing, I felt we were in excellent hands having Camilla watching the clock and aiding our midwife with how to handle the situation. After we were all safely in bed resting, Camilla helped not only to tidy our house, assist in my stitching and the recording of birth data, but she honestly added so much to the warmth and excitement felt in our house; all the while giving us the space and simultaneous comfort we needed - she had a truly luminous energy about her that genuinely broadened our feelings of awe surrounding the birth. I'm SO GLAD and SO THANKFUL she was there with us! Anyone working with her is in loving exceptionally knowledgabe skillful hands.

I had the most fantastic experience working with Camilla- I'm a first-time mom and I greatly appreciated her warmth, willingness to help, and encouragement throughout the process.  She's incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and kind.  We worked with Camilla for the encapsulation services and the entire process was seamless- she picked it up at the hospital and delivered it back to us very quickly.  She checked in with me a few times before the birth and afterward- asking how I was feeling and about my experience with the placenta pills.  I am so happy we chose to do the placenta pills, I've had a lot of trouble breastfeeding, and the stress of that plus the sleep deprivation and hormonal changes could have been a recipe for disaster, but I've been remarkably calm and upbeat throughout the first few weeks.  I also feel like my energy has returned very quickly- by the second or third week I felt so much more like myself, and by week 5, I was ready to bike and itching to work out.  I will definitely be doing it again with my next baby! - Natalie Maki

"My partner and I talked about having our first baby at home- I was excited about the idea. My partner- not so much. So, baby #1 was born in a hospital. The birth went fairly smoothly outside of the strange debacle with some of the doctors argumentative ways with the poor nurses. Very shoddy professionalism. The value in that- my husband saw that a healthy pregnancy can end in an uncomplicated birth with the right care and despite way too many interventions... So, with pregnancy #2, we agreed we were BOTH 80% comfortable with a homebirth. But we needed to talk with a real midwife about it. There was only one person I was interested in talking to- a friendly young midwife I met a year earlier who also has experience in local hospitals as a doula(a labor coach). I remember when I met her thinking to myself, "she's the one." We found Camilla through friends recommendations via insemination and made an appointment to discuss the possibility of homebirth. First of all, having your health provider come to your home is AMAZING! She did all of the labs, helped us with referrals, everything from home, thank god for technology and the internet for this too! Camilla made extra trips, and the cost is significantly lower than that of my hospital bill as a perk. Camilla visited with us, sweetly engaged with our attention-seeking toddler, and answered every question and every concern. She didn't sugar-coat anything. She allayed our 20% worth of doubt. We felt we were in good hands. We hired her. What a good decision that was! Every appointment was in our home, and then offers office hours that are convenient also. She never rushed through a visit. She addressed every question. And for my weirdest questions, she either surprised me with her incredible depth of knowledge, or acquired an accurate answer for me. She never left my questions or concerns unanswered. Same with my partner, who literally had a clipboard of every thing that could possibly go horribly wrong. She treated me gently and respectfully, always with great care and consideration. Our birth story was short and sweet. We were in great hands. She allowed me to do what I needed to do. And intervened only when necessary as minimally as possible, with the same care and calmness we had seen all along. Being able to birth under my terms, in my home, at my speed, allowing my body to do what I knew it could do, was an incredibly empowering experience. Camilla brought the expertise. I highly recommend her. And I feel incredibly lucky to have her be part of my birth story and part of my future health network." -Elise

I can say with certainty that hiring Camilla was one of the best decisions I made both during my pregnancy and during my labor.  She met with us prior to our due date to discuss our expectations and help build confidence, reassuring me and nudging me to experience talking to other new moms and educating ourselves. She visited our home and talked about procedures once the big day did finally come, and I enjoyed several walks around the due date and appreciated her answering her phone so often just to listen to me during the end of my rope. And when I did eventually go into labor, she was there guiding us on the phone through the early stuff when I wanted just the privacy and the time with my fiancé and then in our home when things got serious, very serious! She was smart to beat the evening rush hour traffic and to "hang" outside and around my building because we both suddenly wanted her right then and there! She administered massage to help manage the pain, got me in the strangest but helpful positions that worked. She believed in me, and comforted me.  She relieved my fiance when he needed a break. She worked well with the staff and my medical team, it was clear she worked with our nurse before. She held my hand as they gave me my planned epidural at the exact time that we wanted it -how luck! She made me open my eyes when I wanted nothing to do with it all. She was an advocate and a she is now a friend. I would recommend that anyone considering hiring a doula do it – without hesitation.  Camilla is a kind and gentle person with that obvious passion for being with moms and welcoming babies. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing :). - Sara, first time mom

I was told about placenta encapsulation and was at first skeptical and absolutely too embarrassed to share with others in my field of public health. My neighbor used Camilla as her birth assistant and loved her but said she wasn't sure if she could even tell a difference when she tried the placenta the second time around. Everything I researched about it had positive outcomes, what could it hurt. I wasn't sure why I shouldn't try! My doctor wasn't against it and my mommy the labor and delivery nurse said go for it! Delivery was super fast and everything was wrapped nicely as if I was receiving a present. Later, I’d realize I truly did. At first I was turned off by the fact it was me in the pills, but then I pushed myself to at least follow the dosage (calling you to talk me through it helped in those first few days). I felt normal, no blues, great milk supply, etc. I figured after a month I’d stop taking them and with in two days I felt myself dragging, mildly depressed, and not motivated. I jumped back on the placenta encapsulation pills and was back to normal with in two days. Crikey! Speaking of work, because of my work my milk supply went down due to not enough pumping time. I was less then an ounce and starting to panic. My daughter was only 4 months, I wanted to at least nurse 6 months. I doubled my placenta pills and literally my milk supply kicked in more within 2 days. I'm convinced it wasn't just a coincidence. I am so happy with my decision of placenta encapsulation. I have shared with my friends, who just like me, are a little skeptical. I’m sure they’ll do the research and find there is nothing to loose. I would 100 percent do it again with you, maybe even try the smoothies or broth next time. The nutrients helped me, my baby, and my relationship with my husband. No depression, still can breast feed, and feel like my body is back to normal after 3 months!! Thank you Camilla for providing such a great service and product. - Amanda Williams

I just wanted to reach back out to you after using your services, as that has been my intention since the birth of my daughters last month. I was extremely impressed with the timely delivery and presentation of the placenta capsules. THANK YOU! I have gone ahead and recommended your services on to other mamas-to-be. I am also just so interested in what you do in your practice and would love to know more if you would like to share, I would love to help coordinate one of your workshops in my church setting. I hope all is well in your world and I know that all is great in ours; from day one things have been wonderful and I have your services to thank! Love & Light, Jennifer

Camilla helped with my out of hospital birth for both babies. She kept my space peaceful but I trust her strong voice or any inclinations to suggest a hospital transfer(which we never needed thankfully). She believed in me, my baby, my body and in my decisions. She always trusts that I am an intelligent and whole person and I cannot thank her enough for the experience, support, and compassion she provides me during my childbearing years. Everybody is after something a little different and know that our birth experiences aren't typical but Camilla has that ability to confidently balance that right spot, even here in DC - Best Always, Robyn and family 

Camilla worked as a doula at the birth of my son in July 2013.  She did all the expected things - attended the birth, answered random questions, visited me pre natal and post- natal stages.  I chose her due to her extensive birth experiences, but her calm and constant presences was the true value to her attending my birth.  Despite the developed plan I had for the day, my son had other ideas.  In the midst of labor, I had to make some big choices regarding interventions.  Camilla's knowledge, serene presence and support resulted in me feeling confident and calm during the process with the end result of a happy, healthy boy and a happy memory of bringing him into the world. - Sophie L. mum to Jack

From when my husband and I first met Camilla, we found her to be everything that we wanted in a doula – warm, friendly, receptive, respectful of our wishes, and highly knowledgeable of the birthing process and of doctors in our hospital. Another major bonus was her midwife training, which supplemented her doula responsibilities and knowledge.   I found her to be very accessible and available to talk with me about my concerns – and I had many – since it was my first pregnancy. This is also very helpful because I was struggling with depression during my pregnancy and after. She would come by my home just to check in and see how I was doing. She followed up after every prenatal appointment. During my labor, she arrived at my home even before I asked her to. She was patient with me and advocated for my wishes. She guided me with kind words and offered helpful hints such as visualization or breathing techniques during the labor. After my baby arrived, she stayed with me in the room and put him on my breast to encourage breast-feeding. My husband and I found that having Camilla made labor less stressful so that we can enjoy some of those precious moments. - Maria Hyunh in Arlington

Camilla helped me achieve exactly what I wanted with my planned hospital birth. We used hypno-birth techniques and water, and it felt like I had a home birth in a hospital setting. She was a positive birth coach who did not rush or judge me. Camilla has so much love and support. I credit the experience to our positive prenatal preparations and staying in touch after the delivery. - Sam, mother of Alejandra

I was on the fence about a medicated birth, an epidural or not - and Camilla never flinched. She referred us to different types of literature and asked personal questions to navigate the options we had, including how to communicate efficiently with our doctors during our appointments to envision our labor and delivery. My providers spoke highly of her, as did she of them, so we were feeling really positive about it all from the get-go. We all worked so well as a team that when it came time to go to the hospital it was the least stressful as it could have possibly been! I even got *my doctor, and whenever I think back to those moments in the hospital I am flooded with joy. I have some trauma in my history and some health issues and knew I was anticipating a much more challenging experience then most. Camilla reminded me that I could do it, even when it got bad, really bad. She was everything we needed in our support team and I am so thankful for what she did for us, priceless! I can absolutely recommend Camilla. - Gene, Bart, and baby Luis 

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Camilla was my birth doula and I intend on asking her to help us again for our next pregnancy. Camilla told us to go home after we met to talk it over and really think about it but knew we wanted to have her assistance from our first meeting. She was so easy to know and emotionally available that we were completely comfortable with having her join our family. She was excited with us. During labor, Camilla grounded me. I felt strongly about not being medicated, but at that transition point it was so hard. We spent a lot of time at home and at the hospital, and we knew each other so well in the pre birth time that when it was appropriate for her to join us in labor she felt like she was really integrated in to our house, our family. Camilla kept me on track and helped maintain a level of confidence to get through it.  I am so proud of our daughter's arrival. It went as perfect as it possibly could go. I met her as a doula, but trust her as a sister. - Penny Santiago

After networking through friends, we found Camilla. I had originally thought doulas were for people interested in natural birth experiences, so I was expecting a bit of push-back when I told her that I planned to use an epidural during delivery. Turns out there was nothing to worry about -- Camilla worked with us to make sure our birth experience was as close to what we wanted as possible, painkillers and all. I had the most satisfying birth experience and a very gentle postpartum! - Barbara King, mom to Claire

Had a non-medicated vaginal birth after 2 cesareans in the water. Healthy baby, safe trusted environment, most perfect group of people in attendance that I knew so well. Completely Empowered. Do I have to say more? This is your calling, I am so thankful to have been in your care and to cal you my friend. - Sarah

Having you as a post-partum doula really helped our band new family. Away from our families and friends, we needed some support. You brought so much more. As a new mom I was very anxious and you gave me self-confidence and showed me that I needed to trust myself. I felt empowered. You also shared your knowledge of herbs and natural remedies, it was very valuable to me because after a natural birth I did not want to take any medication to relieve my postpartum aches. What I learned from you is still helping me today, two months later. You helped us to build strong healthy ties as a new family. Warmest Regards!  Marie, Matt and Alma 

Camilla Yrure served as an inspired, dedicated and knowledgeable birth assistant to me during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum, May 2011 to March 2012. Her unwavering commitment to supporting my health and wellness was  immensely appreciated. She was reliable and consistent in her care and I can recommend her without reservations. Regards, Bridgette D. 

We were fortunate to have had Camilla as our doula for our birth experience with our second daughter in April 2013. She was a calming force throughout my pregnancy and was a wonderful zen like presence during the actual labor and delivery. She was able to give me confidence in myself to realize my birth plan. Although my labor was much shorter than the first time around and resulted in a very short time in the actual hospital, she was there with a positive attitude and reassuring voice/touch to support both me and my husband, always knowing what to say or do at the right time. - Tricia V.


I wanted an epidural from the getgo and she never wavered, she really believed in me and my choices - Corinna

As a single mommy I knew I needed the help, and you really encouraged and aided me in building my tribe, even after we couldn't spend as much time together. We secretly wanted to "be friends" after, and I'm so glad we stay in touch. Charlotte and Russ are nearly 3 now, and though life is always a challenge I am endlessly beholden to your help, reminding me that I knew it in my gut, I did my research and knew some basic facts about my own rights, even in to transition as a mother and holding on to my activism and getting my doctorate with very little fear...I still use those affirmations we jotted down at the cafe when I had  mascara running down my face and thought that those babies were never going to come out and I was a madwoman for even conceiving them. I trusted you during those emergencies (mascara and rushing off to the operating room), something I never thought I could  do! With Love, Sharon

Camilla was our backup doula, but we firmly believe she was the right doula! She worked amazingly with all of the staff, our doc, and most importantly - voiced my needs when I wasn't able, she was a real advocate for my preferences and miracle-baby Jonathon's entrance into this world! I called her through the night over the next two weeks and she never flinched or failed to keep me and my partner from laughing. There were definitely tears, lots of tears...but Camilla was an amazing piece of my postpartum health and in reflecting on our positive birth experience I don't know what I would have done without her! - Mags

Thanks for being so positive, warm, and assertive when necessary! So good to hear from you always, I get a kick out of reflecting on those first few weeks. The twins would not have been born vaginally without your support! We are good, health is strong....As far as review I just have to give you an "A++" and a solid recommendation because the dog is vomiting and the girls are getting in to the pantry. Much love and regards from the Brown family!

Camilla was my doula for both of my kiddos' birth stories, both resulting in an empowering experience all around. She adequately supported my partner and empowered her, as well! She was such an amazing go-to in the prenatal period both emotionally and for range of pregnancy and baby related research. She came over a lot in the postpartum, even when I just needed somebody to talk to. We navigated a lot together through all of my pregnancies(I had a miscarriage in between, and had trouble with my shots, strange health problems and timing in the first pregnancy) and at our last postnatal visit with our son we were so sad to say "goodbye". Hurry up and become a midwife so you can do our well-woman care! We are done having babies but hope to stay in touch for our reproductive health. Camilla is more then just a plethora of information! - Monique and Asha M.

I hired Camilla for my wife and I's birth experience and talking through just about every scenario prenatally was helpful for the time(39+ hours) we shared together as my wife labored our baby in to the world. I felt pretty calm and prepared through the process because of the preparations we did and stories she had shared. I'm thankful for the level of advocacy she provided when it was time to be at the hospital, it was a good balance of patience and asking the right questions. Those Zz's I got through some of those hours were priceless and Stace and Camilla have a lot of fun to this day talking about my role as a coach and a new dad. Thanks a ton! - Erich

Camilla came recommended through a friend to do my placenta encapsulation. Starting with our initial contact via email, Camilla was responsive, kind and caring. If I wasn't already so late into my pregnancy, I would have planned to have Camilla next to me during labor as my doula.  Instead I was able to interact with her during postpartum when not only did she come to encapsulate my placenta, but also kindly gave me tips on breastfeeding and general recovery.  She walked me through the entire encapsulation process, teaching me what she was doing during each step.  It felt like having a very knowledgeable friend doing the encapsulation. Camilla has a very caring and calming presence and if I am ever pregnant again, I will would love to work with her more. - Jessica P.

Throughout my pregnancy, and especially during labor and birth, Camilla provided calm reassurance and asked questions to help assess my needs.  I had a lot of intense back pain during my labor and was very thankful for the pressure Camilla applied consistently, to offer me some relief.  Camilla helped make our overall birth experience a peaceful one, and she continued to provide care and support in our postpartum visits. - Kay W.

I met Camilla when I was just 7 weeks pregnant after several cycles of IVF... She supported me through that miscarriage and a few more shots and trips later we found we were pregnant again! She helped me help myself with and support me in my loss and what I carried over in to my pregnancy with Mia. She debunked all myths about natural support and what I believe to be the natural supporters of judgemental birth. They aren't all crunchy chewy and mental! Needless to say I'm glad we found her. We met several times over those months in pregnancy leading to the birth of Mia, discussing feelings, hormones, and the normal physical nuisances of being pregnant. We had an excellent birthing experience with my OB, though I could note when she bit her tongue she was very professional and she complimented her bedside manner like a real team player. When I asked her for some postpartum help she agreed even last minute and she even invited us over for a meal to get out of the house. I could not have had the same positive experience without her support..ThankyOu! -PZ

Camilla was our birth assistant just over a year ago when our second baby was born. She was working with our midwife at the time and was a wonderful part of my birth team. She attended every prenatal.....discussed my progress and we even chatted about knitting and how our older babes shared a birthday. She was very knowledgable and supportive as I planned to HBAC. On January 2nd, Camilla was by my side as Stone Joseph made it earth side. - A.S

You never waivered! You were my birth doula but you felt like a good friend...and at times when I needed it, my stern sister, hehe. If you did not talk me through those last few moments I would have died! But now I know I can do anything! Thank you for staying so in touch now in the postpartum, building friendships through our mommy groups makes me never want to go back to that job on the Hill. =D. - EJB

Thanks Camilla, for coming in to our lives after the birth of our girls! We'll never forget those first few days and weeks after birth where you would come in for a few hours during the day OR NIGHT and save my sanity! - Tara

Camilla is a doula in every sense of the word. She was there to mother me, to support me in mothering the new baby and to offer a much needed shoulder to lean on. I cannot imagine those last few weeks in my pregnancy and those first few weeks in the postpartum without her presence in our lives. Robin, mommy to Jack

Camilla completed our team, she encouraged my wife and I when necessary but otherwise she let us be to do our own thing and allowed us to find our own pace while she took care of the important details. - Michael F.

We switched roles often, she would support my partner while I spoke with the hospital staff, she diminished all confusion and kept us all calm. - Hannah R.

Camilla’s silent strength, her old wisdom really touched my heart through every moment of welcoming K’s arrival. - M.N & CL

Camilla helped me immensely through my natural birth of my daughter, Caroline, in February of 2012 at Alexandria Inova Hospital. She was exactly what I needed--calm, supportive, and encouraging; a perfect counterpoint to my over-planning, stressed-out tendencies. She helped me think through my birth plan, which was, as such things seem to be, primarily useful for setting my own mindset. I spoke with her over the phone during the first few hours of my middle labor, and then met us at the hospital once my water broke, bringing with her all the calming influence and rosewater I needed. Although my labor was just what the name implies, I have nothing but good memories--and while I realize that is mostly due to birth hormones, I still credit Camilla with making it such a positive experience. As an illustration (and in closing), I note that I recently received a bottle of rosewater lotion as a gift, and the smell brings me right back to the delivery room--and makes me smile.  --KM

Her touch soothed us both. She willingly sang softly along per my request to my embarrassing musical taste! - B.

Camilla jumped right in to the shower with us. She came prepared in the middle of the night and she came flexible and ready for anything. - India P.

This week last year I had T and by luck found you through my neighbor! I still wish we could have known one another before my birth! I have meant to email you so many times during the year, but always got sidetracked. I've thought about you so many times during this past year.  I knew that I needed help when I got home from the hospital but what a shock it all was. P and I always say what a blessing it was to have found you. Cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help us during those 3 weeks on the hill. The first three months of T's life were so hard. Your positive attitude and wealth of information really made a difference for us, especially in the areas of breastfeeding, sleeping and general childcare 101. You worked with us as a team, never dictating, but always supporting our style...most importantly reminding us how to be a team and that we were going to get through it! Besides supporting me in any area to make my life easier, little T always took to you and loved sleeping in her arms and playing with her. Now months later, we are just realizing the depths of your impact - during the nanny search process and in finding new parenting and life-long friends, we keep comparing everyone to you - Catherine in Dupont


I was fortunate to work with Camilla in the early part of her training. She provided support for me and my family through 4.5-hour birth, keeping me and my older son comfortable and helping to capture the day on photo and video. I was lucky to have her wise words, encouragement, and support throughout my journey toward having an HBAC and in the postpartum weeks following the successful waterbirth of my daughter, Annika, in August 2010 - Jessica Haney


Camilla was our night time doula for our newborn son for a few months on demand. Many responded to our inquiry, but after meeting with her many invaluable things caught our attention. Her experience with babies and as a midwifery apprentice was so important to us because our son had expected challenges. She has a very warm and calm demeanor and having her presence around us made being first time parents less anxiety ridden. During the first few months, our son had gas pains as his digestive system was maturing, with the pain often occurring at night. Camilla helped make him more comfortable by rocking and holding him in various positions throughout the night. What I found most valuable as a new mom were her suggestions and tips about effective ways for holding him and massaging and warming his tummy during this difficult period. Camilla was always happy to share her knowledge and she gave us helpful suggestions about natural remedies for various situations. With her help, we were able to help our son with his pain using a more natural approach. Camilla supported us with decisions regarding our son's growth and development and never pushed her opinions or pressured us to do things in a certain way. Instead she offered advice when we asked her and would send us information when requested, so we could make informed decisions. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found someone with her qualifications and love for our son. - Marta