Placenta Encapsulation ($250-300) by an Experienced & Certified Specialist, CPES(PBi)

I offer placenta encapsulation in your home or my home office and remain on call for you throughout the postpartum. You may yield approximately 90-200 pills with any given placenta and receive them in a clearly labeled jar complete with instructions and my direct on-call number. Once I have received your information and payment has been arranged I will be considered “on call” for your birth. When you have had your baby just contact me at (202)-600-8349 to coordinate a pickup time and you will have your pills delivered back to you within 24-48 hours. I bring them directly to yours and I am now offering priority shipping with insurance. Please note that I come the same day except in the case of an overnight birth, in which case pickup will be arranged for the following day. You have the option to drop it off and pick it up from mine as well, especially for those out of my service area less $50. 

If your baby has been born, and prior arrangements with me have not been made,  I can still encapsulate your placenta for you as long as it has been kept on ice in a cooler, or refrigerated. It can be kept chilled like this for up to three days. After that, it is best to place the placenta in the freezer until it is picked up and processed.

Coordination with your provider and hospital can be just as easy, I have suggestions and experience working with our area-hospitals and share any details or specifically unique formalities some may have to allow the transition to happen in a smooth (safe, and hygienic) form. I regularly pick up from George Washington University Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, INOVA Alexandria Hospital, Virginia Hospital Center (excellent news - they removed the third-party policy!), INOVA Fairfax Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, INOVA Loudoun Hospital, INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, Southern Maryland Hospital Center, Reston, Malcolm Grow Medical, and other DC VA MD hospitals, including birth centers NOVA Natural, Special Beginnings, Birthcare, Family Health & Birth.

Should you prefer to participate in the process or have it done in your own space we can coordinate to encapsulate at your home soon after delivery, I provide the necessary equipment. In addition to my annual bloodborne pathogens course and general health care provider sterile techniques for my other work in healthcare I keep my personal chef and food safety handling certifications current and clean and sanitize everything correctly. 

Help harmonize your body and combat postpartum depression!
Benefits are said to include:
- an increase in energy
- good iron source
- healing
- decreased incidence of the “baby blues”
- a better hormone balance
- decrease in postnatal bleedloss
- supporting and equalizing lactation
- higher quality rest, general improvement in health and vitality

Who should take placenta capsules? Every parent can benefit from a little extra energy and balance after nine months of pregnancy and giving birth. It can be particularly helpful for folks who have had difficulty getting pregnant, have experienced postpartum hemorrhage, surgery, or have experienced the baby blues or postpartum depression with previous births. 

Blood and tissue banking or cord clamping does not affect the encapsulation process. A cesarean (planned or unplanned) does not prevent you from encapsulating your placenta, all the more reason to reap the benefits of encapsulation. Please call me in the prenatal time to discuss this, all consultations are complimentary and part of the on-call service to know you and your personal history. 

Considering placenta ingestion but don't have the funds to pay for the service? Do it yourself with the help of a loved one or prepare it raw to freeze pieces for smoothies. Making sure to follow my storage guidelines contact me and I can guide anybody through the process at no fee, don't go without the benefits and take advantage of this rare opportunity to nurture yourself while you care for your baby! Despite the eroding imitations I still charge the same fee that I did when I began encapsulating 5 years ago - $300 safely encapsulates your placenta into pills with the expertise of the same on-call provider. See payment options and booking below. If interested, smoothie preparation (raw placed in ice cube trays) or placenta broth can be included upon request at no additional fee. I do recommend a specific freezer tray should you feel inclined to pack it in your cooler. For mother's who have a hard time swallowing pills I can provide just the placenta powder or make the broth - just ask! I've done a little bit of everything with new parents - salves, tinctures, prints, beautiful rituals, chocolate truffles..even had a mother work with her homeopath to make her own blends.

I waive the retainer fee for my repeats, doula clients, midwifery and birth-assistant clients

What to bring to your birth place: Plan to bring a medium-sized cooler with you to the hospital/birth center and be sure to let your birth team know your desire to keep the placenta after delivery. Once you have had your baby, have a loved one or the nursing staff place ice around the placenta in the cooler (they usually seal it in a plastic container with a waiver) and contact me on my mobile (202)-600-8349 to arrange encapsulation. Most home and birth center providers place placenta in double gallon sized ziplock or biohazard bags for refrigeration.

Medical concerns are directed to your chosen medical provider/s, however you may take advantage of my background in midwifery and the postnatal experience. I'm completely candid about my personal and anecdotal placenta experiences including discussing the lack of research (on humans) and a true double blind placebo. I have always been fascinated by eastern medicine's use of placenta during the reproductive cycle and after birth to fortify a parent's energy reserves to ensure they were able to care themselves and their baby after delivery. Or how placenta of other mammals is encapsulated to treat chronic back pain, arthritis, asthma and degenerative disorders in all genders. Especially right now when placenta encapsulation has received much attention from it's new mommy proponents (and celebrities) who affirm consumption has the ability to prevent and treat the “Baby Blues” and postpartum depression. Before it's popularity in pill form I knew many families that would toss it in their foods, chilis, soups, smoothies, and an apprenticeship under a midwife and her mandatory consumption by clients where she lead me on to getting my hands on a copy of midwife Jenny West's Natural Healing Power of the Placenta. 

How did I get here? I love every opportunity to connect with families in the time surrounding their recent birth experience, especially after my own intimacies with placenta and the postpartum. In addition to attending hundreds of births and families in their postpartum I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through PBi, where we complete several reviewed course modules and an examination in placentophagy research. I love sharing tales from the last few years of birth work and from the intimacy of being with a family in this transition... before ingesting placenta became popular and in pill form! Over the years I have enjoyed mentoring many of the area providers through free trainings and workshops for parents, professionals, and birth enthusiasts alike. I appreciate maintaining my certification in use with the standards of practice and strict code of ethics in quality, safety, and dependibilty that I myself and PBi esteems. I encapsulate by way of several methods - I don't however, use any herbs in the TCM process unless desired and collaborate with clients if requested. I keep my Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) certifcation card active via an annual course and exam and in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030.  I maintain the Learntoserve Food Safety Handling and Management Coursework specifically taken for encapsulation. I properly disinfect and sanitize the area of preparation and the items used thoroughly. I put a lot of time and effort in to my education so that I can provide you with the most recent research and information available and answer any questions you may have before and during your pregnancy and most certainly during your postpartum time. If I am not available I can send you to somebody who is. Like many popularized anecdotes the FDA has not evaluated this topic and no provider is regulated - please use a properly trained and experienced service!

Encapsulation Fees:

$300 Safely encapsulates your placenta into pills. I am now offering priority shipping with insurance. You may pay the entire fee beforehand but I traditionally do:

  1. a $50 non-refundable retainer fee so that you may be placed in my calendar and so that you may be accountable for your placenta

  2. $250 balance – due at placenta pickup or at first session in your home. For those interested in dropping off or picking up directly from mine the balance is $200 ($250 total)

Payment methods:

- check. If paying the balance by check please remember to pack it with your hospital/birth center bag or have it available with your birth supplies.

- electronically

-via an emailed invoice 

- card taken over the phone

-or the most popular electronic options are by Square or Paypal below

Or pay with a regsitered bank account or any card via Paypal (drop down menu available)


I admit that although I am a doula I am also a Registered Nurse so I was skeptical about if taking the placenta pills Camilla prepared for me would have any positive effect on my postpartum. I decided to have her encapsulate my placenta from my third pregnancy purely as an experiment and because I knew it could not hurt and had her to call, and I was AMAZED with the results. I started taking my capsules 1 day after my son’s birth and felt an immediate effect. My mood was brighter, I felt more rested even when I wasn’t, and my milk supply was great. I would recommend encapsulation to anyone willing to give it a chance, You will be glad you did. - Caitlin

As you said, placebo or not I decided to try this service and these pills based on Todd's recommendation of your services and I am now a believer! Thanks for being so honest about your experiences. I have so much energy, but at the same time feel totally balanced without tipping over as I thought I would again. Thank you for your speedy professional service, the instructions are simple but you help me realize I can get a little more creative with them and I do feel positive knowing I can contact you and knowing that you have such an close relationship with my provider(s). I feel like I'm in great hands and I feel like this is a better supplement than my iron pills ever were. Please place this on your site (in all of your free time) and seriously have any other mommies on the hill contact me as a referral and believer in placenta benefits. All the best, TK 

My experience with "Revel Birth/DC Placenta Encapsulation" was great. The promptness, respect, caring, and knowledge you showed me and my family is something I will forever be thankful for. I would highly recommend any of my expecting friends in the area contact you when planning their aftercare. So thankful my birth group sent me your way. The pills and broth were wonderful and we so enjoyed having you join our family in our home. Thank you so much for helping me! - Beth

Thanks for your quick and thorough encapsulation services again! I tried the smoothies this time and really believe in their effects. I share the benefits of placenta ingestion with all of my mainstream mom-friends(or everyone else heh). Thanks for all of the postnatal support. - Carol

Striking difference between my first 2 postpartum experiences and this one with your pills, and THANK YOU for being a great resource. I am thankful to have found this "naturally" free resource as well! -Kimberly P.

I appreciated the smoothies that first week, and am thankful that I never hit rock bottom and had a safety of pills to rely on when my period came back! -Cherie J.

I hope your doing great! I am doing wonderful thanks to you! I am just enjoying my sweet baby girl. It's been almost 5 weeks since birth and I feel great(other than being tired). Emotionally I havent had any baby blues. I could definitely tell a difference between the raw pieces and the me the raw effects seemed more noticeable than the pills..So next pregnancy I will probably do raw smoothies, just because I could totally tell the raw was more effective. But I am sold with consuming placentas, I think it amazing!! Thanks so much! -J.S.

I am SO sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Especially since I think of you whenever I take a placenta pill! Thank you so much for getting my broth and pills done so quickly (and especially when you were so busy and tired yourself!). I really believe they make all the difference. I took the broth daily until it was gone and still have pills left. I am still taking them pretty much every day since they help so much with my energy and I haven't been getting much sleep. My milk supply is great again this time (and I really think the milk helps!) as I am making about 60 ounces a day (I exclusively pump since my little one isn't a fan of the breast anymore). My bleeding is still tapering off but it has been light the entire time. Aside from being a little tired I am feeling great and healing quite nicely! Thank you again for everything. I really don't want to know what post partum is like without placenta pills and will absolutely be reaching out again when we decide to have baby number three! I hope this finds you happy and well!     - Samantha, after the second time she chose to use a certified placenta encapsulation specialist through PBi

Also through my certifying body and organization with the most up to date research, more testimonials from PBi users here