Herbal Wellness Consultations and Referrals. Please inquire for individual consultations or to ask about a sliding scale herbal CSA from my garden. For years I've been deeply rooted in gardening, farming, soil chemistry(formal studies), an indigenous community permaculture, and plants and have always offered my herbs, teas, ointments, salves, tinctures, and plant medicines as gifts as part of my practice and healing my family loved ones and clients but am evolving and may offer more in bulk or individual sale for those interested and not a current Alexandria Midwife client.

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Free Birth Circle, open to all! Or contact me for further interest Click to see Facebook info for next birth circle

"Birth Circle is a community of folks sharing stories, comparing notes, exchanging ideas, weighing options, getting together.  Getting together.  That is the foundation supporting all the others.

When they come together, they share stories.  The sorts of stories you’re not likely to hear anywhere else.    Birth stories.

And no story is the same. They share tales of natural birth, medicated birth, homebirth, hospital birth, and Cesarean birth.  Some stories make you smile, warm your heart.  Others make you cry, gripping you." We make sure it is a safe space. 

Monthly Workshops, similarly laid back as The Alexandria Birth Circle, the workshops are hosted by The District Doulas and are free to Alexandria Midwife's clients or $75 as a drop-in fee offer previous clients birth stories and wisdom and rotate topics. 

Providing Back Up Doula Services. I have relationships with some of the areas most experienced doulas and doula groups who also act as my backups in times of need

Assisting as a Birth Assistant. Having assisted several senior midwives in the region I keep my NRP and CPR current. 

Providing Back Up Midwifery Services.  I have experience as a midwife in out of hospital settings at home and in birth centers

Comprehensive childbirth education classes having been an ALACE and CAPPA certified childbirth educator. We have many amazing resources (and more specifically classes with other expecting parents to connect with) but I still receive inquiries about one-on-one childbirth education for new parents and refresher courses for expecting parents who have already participated in childbirth classes in the past. Just ask. I recommend a Hypnobirthing Class: dcyhpnobirthing.com or see resource list for more instructors.


clients facing ectopic pregnancies, anticipating stillbirths, miscarriages, unplanned or crisis pregnancies need the same unwavering emotional and informational support and revel birth provides a full spectrum of care for families during this time. please call, I've supported many clients through everything spanning in their reproductive health. I work with a non-profit collective in the DC area to ensure every person desire unyielding support has the information and resources they need. I am also a participant in a volunteer group of choice doulas since 2011, The DC Doulas for Choice