Welcome! Alexandria Midwife's mission is to provide individualized and holistic care offering: gyn and well body care, preconception and fertility services, insemination, full prenatal care, home birth, postpartum and newborn care through the first six weeks, lactation, herbal wellness consults (herbal CSA may be coming soon), private hypnobirthing childbirth education, aquadoula birth tub rental, and placenta encapsulation.

Every thing done in this practice is based on informed choice, we believe in birth and respect each person and pregnant person's right to guide their own health care. Camilla Yrure is a Certified Professional Midwife with a commitment to family-centered care by offering supportive midwifery care to aid families in making the best choices about their pregnancy, birth, parenting, and healthcare. Visit me EVENTBRITE >

What is a midwife?


GYN, Home Birth, Water Birth, Placenta Encapsulation, Insemination, Herbal Consultations & Maternity Care

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Speak to Camilla: free information sessions in person, Skype/phone, or schedule an in-home consult

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What does midwifery care look like in this practice? Honoring you, honoring your baby. Birth in your home. Waterbirth, Holistic fertility and whole and often herbal health. VBAC. IUI, comfortable gyn and paps. Respect. Consent. Trust. The Science, Art, and Experience. Faith in Community Midwifery. Resources, Referrals, and appreciation of allopathic(modern) medicine too. The knowledge and objective belief that you know what is best for you and your family. 

sanah ullah photography

sanah ullah photography

Every family served is unique and treated with unconditional respect - we celebrate what makes your family special. Two-parent families, single-parent families, and families with co-parents helping out in original ways. Families having their first baby and families having their fifth. Queer families, trans or genderqueer parents, or poly families. Beautiful intergenerational families with additional grandparents. Extended families bonded together by love and friendship regardless of kin. Families of all colors and multiracial families. Teen parents. Parents having their first baby at 45 years old. Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, LDS, and Atheist families. Families where everyone speaks one language and families where multiple languages are heard every night at bedtime. * modified copyright taproot midwifery, with thanks