Tips for pregnant folks through the holidays:

Tips for pregnant folks through the holidays:

- Hydrate, like every other moment in pregnancy... with water! (6-8 glasses daily. Carry your water bottles with you for refills)

- Make sure you have a lot of colors on your plate to really diversify

- Try to eat in moderation. If you're reaching for that yummy white sugar, definitely treat yourself with an appropriate portion size after some quality protein :).

What about seafood? (commonly asked)

"That's actually a great source of protein," said Lee Stigler, medical director of St. Joseph's Hospital Nursery. "The main thing is to try to choose seafood a little bit lower in mercury -- shrimp or salmon would be good choices. Tuna is OK to eat, but probably limit that to 6 ounces a week."

Do your best to keep stress down and find ways to sneak in adequate rest. Prenatal vitamins and teas are great for insurance. I incorporate a lot of herbs in my practice, just ask!